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The hereditary principle is an eternal principle. To change it is to create disorder. Forget industrial farming.

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Among other things, it involves astrology and Vedic creationism. It calls for natural cures such as the use of neem leaves as a cure for small pox.

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Basically, new age type nonsense. It is promoted by the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party. The interesting thing is this way of thinking has been embraced by environmentalists and feminists. Her view on the Green Revolution is that it was a failure for India, despite the fact that when Norman Borlaug brought it to her country in the mids, it was on the verge of another famine. Since then, India has gone from importing food to exporting food.

Patwari Jee says:-

Before Borlaug, the rest of the world had essentially written off India as a lost cause. She believes you can get the same output as the Green Revolution yield through organic sources. On one hand she claims the Green Revolution was a failure, then tacitly admits it worked. Needless to say she hates GMOs. This is where her rhetoric becomes dangerous. She should know about this stuff.


Consider this incident as told in the Houston Press from Before leaving Alvin to prepare for a 7 p. Ours at home look very happy. Vandana Shiva is an elitist, anti-progress menace and not the progressive shining light her admirers think she is. It will only keep them at a subsistence level and more importantly, in their place.

I would not be surprised if its main result were that modern physics is fully compatible with ancient Veda philosophy. Pingback: Reductionistische journalistiek. Pingback: Around the web — January 23rd, : Gene Expression. Pingback: Collide-a-Scape Gardening. Good clarification on this woman. They put her on public TV here recently to espouse her rhetoric and pseudoscience.

More creation of luddites here in Hawaii! For a reason. Do you know of the farm suicide crisis in india. Do you know the crisis of depleting ground water in punjab , haryana , Uttar Pradesh etc. This green revolution is not sustainable and most experts agree that over cultivation of paddy has lead to this and suggest that diversification is the only way to get out of this.

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